New Year’s Day Stupid

After spending seven, blissful, weeks in Nieu Bethesda and blogging (almost) daily while there – see – I came back to The City Beneath the Mountain and decided I should continue. I enjoyed it and, hell, it’s good writing practice. That was almost a month ago.

Last night, overcome by champagne-enhanced brilliance, I vowed to start it today, and to write every day for the year. Today, even in my post-champagne-induced state of stupidity, I realised the error of my ways, and public announcements. I have decided to loosen the rules slightly. Every day? Good god, who am I kidding? I am, however, excessively proud of myself for being here, now, on the 1st of January 2013. I will attempt to write on, at least, most week days. For the whole year.

I’ve chosen a name. Let’s not be silly, blogging, really, is just a whole lot of navel-gazing, isn’t it? This’ll be mine. I can’t bring my addled brain to do any of the other blog admin stuff, though so, for now, we’ll make do with the template photos, ‘About Me’ etc. I need to get my not-so-clever head onto a pillow.

Here’s to 2013 which, if I am to believe the days leading up to it and today, promises some fabulous things.

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2 Responses to New Year’s Day Stupid

  1. Katherine says:

    Only 362 days to go. I am already hooked šŸ™‚

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