Plastic Grass

There is a nursery school on the corner of my road which has a sweet little shaded playground. As I walked past the other day I noticed two men in the playground looking very busy. Being of a slightly curious nature, I stopped to have a look. To my horror, I found that they were ripping up the bits of real grass, and replacing it with a bright green, plastic grass carpet.

I was even more horrified to see the same thing happening at the boy’s primary school that I pass on my way to work, this time on a far grander scale. Their entire, beautiful, large, grass-covered field – perfect for running, barefoot – was ripped up and replaced. Again by the emerald green plastic carpet.

Now maybe I’m too attached to the past and this new, perfectly manicured, low-maintenance version of lawn is a good thing, but I think not. Surely no-one on god’s green (plastic) earth can think this is a good thing? So the grass doesn’t grow very well under the shade of the tree? It’s okay. Everything doesn’t have to look like a bloody Instagram photo. What child (and adult, for that matter) doesn’t like a little bit of dust under their toes? And, more importantly, the feel of cool, green, grass underfoot, crackling, scrunching, alive. Especially when we’re aged 3 to 12 years’ old.

Ridiculous. I assume that now we’ll be seeing vacuum cleaners instead of lawn mowers and gone will be the smell of freshly-mown lawn in the Summer. And that is just sad.

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