Kindle vs Book

I love books – their feel, their look, their smell, the lot. I have been known to buy a book purely because I like the cover – idioms, be gone! I love bookshelves filled with books and piles of books on tables, next to the toilet, on my dressing table, next to my bed… they’re welcome anywhere, anytime. I read them, too. This paragraph was beginning to sound like I had them purely for decoration.

Books – they’re like little friends made of paper. If I could find one willing to commit to a long-lasting relationship, I’d marry one. Well, commit to it at least, I’m not so sure about the whole marriage thing.

The thing is, though, that I got a Kindle last year. I’d been humming and ha-ing about it for months. Do I? Don’t I? Isn’t it cheating on my lifelong lovers, The Books? Am I selling out, falling for commercialism in a technology-obsessed world? Sleepless nights, turning these thoughts in my head, I tell you! Well, okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.

Eventually, practicality won out over all those thoughts and I’m loving it. How easy is it? I have, however, sworn on Stalkbook (and, as we all know, a swearing on Stalkbook is like a legal document) that this would not stop me buying real books, and I haven’t.

They’re still piling up on my dressing table, my coffee table, my desk. My bookshelves are full.  Honestly, who could live without that paper smell? And the dust they gather?


3 thoughts on “Kindle vs Book

  1. Graeme

    Were it not for my Kindle there is no way that I would have tackled 1Q84, and a whole host of other books over 500 pages. I don’t mind not having books on my bookshelves because bookshelves are for CDs don’t you know? Speaking of which … whilst I have been able to embrace electronic words … I can’t wean myself off buying physical CDs. Illogical? You bet.


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