Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oh dear, oh dear. My New Year’s Resolution of daily blogging seems to have fallen into that abyss that exists behind the couch. Oops. I’ve been busy, though, getting myself exhausted – in a nice way – being birthday spoilt, chaotically working at work, watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers, meeting new people and trying to make a good impression on them because this one’s important, and drinking wine with lovely, old friends discussing Big Things happening in their lives.

Did you see what I did there? Just casually popped a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert in there. Well, blown away is not the word. Astounded, flabbergasted, energised, amazed… Those are maybe better words. Anthony Keidis is fifty year’s old. Fifty. Not that I’m saying fifty is ancient, you hear? That’d just be silly, considering the rate at which the big four-oh-oh is racing toward me, all open-armed and false teeth-grinned. But, at fifty, he’s still a rock god of the highest order! No sitting on the couch gently letting his beer boep grow while his two-and-a-half children play in the picket fenced-yard for this one. No siree.

Die Antwoord tried their hardest to be ‘Out there’ and ‘Over the top’ or whatever it is they’re going for, and failed dismally as the opening act. Seriously? You think two false-boobed women in falling-off gold bikinis bitch-slapping each other in a blow-up pool as accompaniment to your monotonous music is edgy? I think not. But let me not go into that further because, as RHCP came on stage all thoughts of Die Antwoord melted from my brain and I was thrown into overdrive by the energy of the band, which transferred to the crowd and swirled around Cape Town Stadium like an electric storm. Breathtaking.

I watched a red balloon swirl up from the crowd and float lazily around the stadium, as slowly as it could, resisting the wind that was blowing it higher and higher. It, obviously, was entranced and wanted to stay too, but the wind was too strong and it eventually disappeared over the roof of the stadium, heading toward Table Bay.

There’s something magical about hearing songs that are anthems to various stages of your life. This was pure, electrifying, rock god-filled magic.

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