Sporty McSporty Sport, Me

I was discussing being sporty the other day, with my Dad. His side of the family are all very sporty. I got my mother’s sports genes.

I cannot claim to be, or ever having been, sporty. My crowning achievement in the field of sports was to win the school trophy – the smallest trophy I’ve ever seen, it was basically a thimble, but that’s beside the point – for hurdles in my matric year. I have to add, though, that this may not have anything to do with having a shining talent on the athletics track, but may be better explained by the fact that there were only sixty girls in my age group, all of whom were a lot shorter than me.

I did, however, manage to come third, out of six, at the big inter school athletics that year, too. One girl got disqualified for false starting, twice, and another one viciously stood on a third’s bare foot with her spikes, effectively removing them from the running order. So I got myself a place on the podium.

The rest of my sporting career?

There is none.


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