Spring has Sprung

It’s Spring, proper. I love this day of the year. The one when you wake up and it’s suddenly lighter, warmer, the birds are singing slightly louder and the air smells of Summer. It makes my tummy do somersaults and my chest swell with joy.

It’s today, that day. The day that reminds me that I’m not always a grump, I can actually be quite pleasant, smile, laugh, hell, even be a little bit funny on occasion. Every year during the dark, cold months of Winter I forget this, without fail. It’s ridiculous.

So I’m writing myself a letter, to be sent around Mid-Autumn next year. Remind me, won’t you, please?

Dear Briony,

You are about to go into the Winter months. I know you are less-than-happy about this but, I’m afraid, there is nothing you can do to stop it other than marrying rich and moving to the Northern Hemisphere for six months and you know how your previous efforts in that arena turned out.

I am writing to warn you that you’ll be losing your shine and, perhaps should change your name to Grumpy. Just for the next few months, mind. Remember that after the hibernation period during which you frown a lot and stop making an effort (this year, please, can you at least keep on dying your hair, you’re getting older you know!) the sun will come out again, and bring with it your personality. There’ll be that day, you know the one you love?

In the meantime, listen carefully… Make a fire as often as possible in the hearth and practice that red wine drinking you’ve finally got the hang of. It’ll be okay, really.

Love always,
Briony xxx

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