A Beautiful Soundtrack

I see sugar-coated icebergs and I want to be adored as I go nightswimming in the ‘varsity pool, illegally, dangerously, thrillingly. All songs that feature on my ‘varsity soundtrack. Those carefree, discovering days. Play one of those songs and fling me back to when I thought I knew everything. Maybe I did or, just maybe, those were the days when we had just the right proportion of carelessness and wisdom?

We were young enough to fling ourselves without thought into anything, into everything, to fall deeply in love, to be tragically hurt, to live. And then we got older, developed caution, or got forced into it, got what they call ‘experienced.’ Ugh.

It only takes a song, though, for the flinging back and, maybe – just maybe – I need to be paying attention to that. To both the despairing Smiths and the uplifting They Might Be Giants. It isn’t all so very serious after all, is it? I think not. How we lived, how we loved.

It’s just a beautiful soundtrack. And here, just two of the tracks on it:

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