A Letter: Edible Flowers

Dear Netflorist,

I was intrigued by your e-mail yesterday with the subject line ‘Edible flowers delivered… check it out.’ Imagining delicate sugar roses with chocolate stems and leaves, I did as I was told and checked it out.

Chocolates stuck on cardboard flowers? Numerous Ferrero Roches nestled in tissue paper ‘blooms’ and staked on stalks like tiny, round, hazelnut encrusted vampires, arranged artistically in a box? Really? Good grief. I have to admit your copywriter is cool, though, for the naming of some of them. ‘Blooming Chocolate Arrangement’ – brilliant.

While I can whole-heartedly see the attraction of both flowers and chocolates and will happily receive them from anybody, I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anybody would want to mix the two together to get ‘edible’ flower arrangements? Have you run out of original arrangements made of real flowers? Or are you just taking the piss?

Then again, I’m such a sucker for both chocolates and flowers that I wouldn’t say no to receiving such things, to be completely honest. I’d prefer, though, if you made my arrangement with real flowers, and sent me the chocolates on the side. The effort of unsticking them from their cardboard ‘flower’ or having to pull the wooden stake from their little chocolate heart before being able to eat them just seems, well, a waste of time.

Just my thoughts on the matter – use them, don’t use them.

Much love,

Briony x


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2 Responses to A Letter: Edible Flowers

  1. Leigh says:

    Admit it. This is just a thinly-veiled plea for an edible chocolate flower arrangement. The game is up and you’ve been found out.


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