The Sad Case of the Missing Of

I don’t get it. What happened to the lovely little word OF? Somebody seems to have murdered it or, perhaps, just kidnapped it. Is there a ransom we could pay, to get it back? I am pretty sure we could gather together enough people here in Blogland and maybe even in the Real World, who would happily donate a couple of cents/pence/pesetos to the cause and get the poor tyke back. I really miss him, even though he’s small, he has a big, um, presence.

Are you with me, people, or have I lost you with this one? I have been told that I can, on occassion, be a bit obscure. I don’t mean to, it just happens that way. I am perfectly up-to-date with what I’m talking about, I’m on the same page as me, so I’d expect everybody else to be. Perhaps I’m expecting too much. Reading that back I’m thinking I should be really glad that I’m the same page as me. Imagine if I wasn’t? Shudder. Sometimes, I’m not. But I digress. Back to the lovely OF.

To explain, can I just give you an example of a sentence I read this morning:

House big enough, with plenty bathrooms and rooms to make a group visit comfortable.

The poor OF so blatantly left out. I thought perhaps it was just an omission (these things happen) but then… I stumbled across TWO more sentences that had left it out.

Chilling, isn’t it? Has some wierdo made off with OF?*

(*Grammar Nazi? Me? Nah.)

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