Ice Bucket Challenge

I am always surprised at the various passionate outbursts when it comes to social media campaigns like the ALS ice bucket one, and the no make-up selfie before it, and whatever will come next. While the vacuousness of it doesn’t pass me by, especially when it comes to the plethora of ‘celebrity’ look-at-me responses, sans the actual donation, I can’t think why they should raise quite as much ire as they do.

You see, as far as I can see, despite the free publicity this offers many (and, really, in the world we’re living in at the moment, are there not more important things to worry about?), it is, in the end, raising awareness which is the point, right? I knew little-to-nothing about ALS before it. Now I’ve Googled it and know little-to-something. I am more aware.

And I agree with those bemoaning the waste of water. Matt Damon’s response is most definitely the winner – raise awareness of ALS and the lack of potable water for a huge percentage of the world’s population. Two birds, one stone (and one bucket of toilet water). When the next team comes up with the next awareness campaign, maybe a little more thought before – ahem – splashing it all over social media?

But really, what I’m trying to say, is that, as far as I can see, a whole lot of money has been raised (despite so many people missing the whole donation thing) and there are a bunch of people around the world who hopefully know a little more about something they may not even have known existed before. And knowledge breeds compassion, something the world needs. In bucket loads.

And, despite all the passionate protestations, even if only 10% of the people who promise to donate actually do it, that’s a whole lot of money going to charity that would otherwise have not.

I just think that there are far worse atrocities happening worldwide, that deserve our ire, than a bunch of people doing silly stuff for a good cause. Am I being too simple?

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