Havoc Beer

Everybody knows how much I adore The Weatherman. On occassion, he likes to show off, and I love it. Using wind and precipitation, and a little magic – you know, the things at his disposal – he makes cloud formations in front of a golden sun that defy description they’re so pretty. Last Friday afternoon was one of those times, as we sat up in the Hillcrest Quarry looking over toward the Atlantic in the distance. What a lovely man The Weatherman is.

We were at the launch of Havoc Beer, which seems apt. Brewer, Graeme Reed, previously winemaker, and before that, marine biologist, has, like The Weatherman, using hops and barley (all carefully chosen and mixed with scientific precision), and a little magic – you know, the things at his disposal – made an equally spectacular range of beers. And he, too, is such a lovely man.

What a treat to watch the sun set over the sea while tasting four newcomers to the beer scene, and chatting to the brewer and making new friends and meeting old friends in the flesh who were previously only a name on Facebook.

Testimony to how beer brings people together. Sorry, that’s so schmaltzy I should be in advertising, but it’s true!

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