About Me and My Navel-Gazing

I’m intrinsically a Small Town Girl, but I’m living in the city, for now. I was born in the Free State, grew up on the gold mines of the Free State and Gauteng/North West, holidayed and went to ‘varsity in the Eastern Cape, and have lived in Cape Town for the last 20 years.

My parents love the back roads (and old cemetries, but that’s a whole blog on its own) and instilled in us a love of travelling, exploring, meeting new people and doing new things. Small towns are a gold mine of stories. See what I did there?

I’ve just stopped being a pharmacist after 18 years. I ended my stint with a 6-month trip around South Africa’s clinics. Seven provinces, 60 nights away (each night in a different place), 12 992 km flown, 9 950 km driven (mostly on back roads). It reminded me how much I love this country and its places and people.

I like doing stuff, getting off the beaten track, eating, drinking and being merry, watching other people do that too and listening to them while they do. Be warned if you’re sitting near me – I’m a skillful eavesdropper.

Then I write about those things.

Oh, and I’m in a wheelchair, so I put in accessibility stuff too … what’s doable, doable-with-a-little-help-or-innovation and what’s not doable.

If you want to get hold of me, you can comment here, or e-mail me on shinybriony_at_gmail.com

14 Responses to About Me and My Navel-Gazing

  1. Asyia says:

    Briony, your latest post blew me away – I can picture the places you described, including the Karoo petrol station… But the rest of your experience I could only try and see it through your words… You are truly amazing Briony Chisholm – deep respect, admiration and love from the universe for you!


  2. Fiona says:

    Your also an old Rhodian? Pharmacy? When?


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  4. notewords says:

    Hello from the Free State. 😉
    And here I thought you were just an ordinary South African… 😉
    Haak Vrystaat!


  5. Joan Humphries says:

    Hi Briony, please can you send me your email address.


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  7. Hi!
    We spent the weekend at Sustainable troutfarm and Vivian mentioned that you will be doing a post. She just sent it on to me. Would you be happy for me to repost on instagram and facebook? I am an occupational therapist but was also recently diagnosed with MS. My first attack was severe and I lost a lot of mobility. I am using a cane and making use of a walking bike, Alinker. Just like you I am always interested in promoted accessible places and loved going go this place.

    Please follow me on instagram the_alinker_southafrica or email at info@thealinker.co.za
    Thank you!



    • Briony says:

      With pleasure! You can just tag me @brionyetc. I’ll ‘friend’ you on FB and then you can share it from my page. It is a very special place, for sure. Thanks for getting in contact, Briony.


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